~ Part II includes our fronts for Investment, Pension, and Sovereign Wealth Funds; Covert Force and Organized Crime; Media and Entertainment (Censorship); Digital Concentration Camps: The “Smart Grid” and Vaccine Passports; Transportation and Travel; Ocean and Skies; Multipolar Turf Wars; Weaponized Migration; Climate Change Op and Energy; and Technology Out of Control. Scroll down below the Fronts to access the table of headlines. ~


Front #11: Investment, Pension, Sovereign Wealth Funds

Four firms (BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street, and Fidelity) have a major position in almost every publicly traded company in the U.S. markets, and also, increasingly, in the European and Asian markets—a level of concentration that is exacerbating inequality. The Going Direct Reset, and the lawlessness that is making it go, have made it quite clear that wealth at the top is largely the result of criminal conspiracy, not productivity. In addition, the uniform behavior of CEOs during Covid-19—with their strange, counterproductive insistence on employee mandates at the expense not just of employee well-being but shareholder equity—suggests that something more than control files or government pressure is at play. Is there some truth to the assertion that no one rises above a certain level unless they sign a secret contract (enforced by the intelligence agencies) pledging to “do what they’re told”?


World’s largest pension fund slashes US Treasury exposure by record amount

The big four that rule the world: State Street, Vanguard, BlackRock and Fidelity

World’s largest sovereign wealth funds

If you sell a house these days, the buyer might be a pension fund

“This is wealth redistribution”: BlackRock and other institutional investors buying entire neighborhoods at huge premiums

The ten trillion dollar man: how Larry Fink became king of Wall St

China overtakes U.S. as world’s leading destination for foreign direct investment

How antitrust lost its bite

Barbados officially the world’s newest republic, removes Queen Elizabeth 11 as Head of State


Coming Clean: Building a Wonderful World

3rd Quarter 2021 Wrap Up: Equity Overview & Rambus Chartology

2nd Quarter 2021 Wrap Up – Equity Overview & Rambus Chartology

1st Quarter 2021 Wrap Up: Equity Overview & Rambus Chartology

2020 Annual Wrap Up: Equity Overview & Rambus Chartology

Caveat Emptor: Why Investors Need to Do Due Diligence on U.S. Treasury and Related Securities

Investment circles

Share information about the Going Direct Reset with financial service providers

Going Local with Gary Heckman

U.S. Taxation: With or Without Representation?

I used to be homeless, and years later I’ve realized what too many people misunderstand about wealth

Unanswered Questions:

Question # 32: Offshore Havens Has Brexit succeeded in protecting the Anglo-American offshore havens from the Germans and the European Central Bank (ECB)? Are assets now being moved to the suborbital platform or space?

Question # 33: Asset Stripping Will IRAs, 401(k)s, superannuation, and other retirement plans be respected? How far will mandates and social credit go?

Front #12: Covert Force and Organized Crime

We are transitioning out of a world where sovereign states have a monopoly on force within their jurisdiction, and reverting to what strategist and author Sean McFate characterizes as a “neomedieval” system. Populated by numerous non-state actors, the neomedieval system features private armies, various corporate players, and perhaps the current incarnation of what Dr. Farrell calls the “Nazi International.” The Going Direct Reset also seems to be encouraging a burgeoning of criminal elements, similar to 1989 when the collapse of the Iron Curtain opened up the West to Eastern Europe’s organized crime networks. Learn to recognize covert force so that you can protect yourself—see Solari’s ten-part Deep State Tactics series.


Anatomy of a SWAT from a Lawyer’s Perspective

Catherine Austin Fitts meets Ullrich Mies – “We will win!”

Covert Deep State Operations – Robert Sepehr

U.S. Air Force arms Ghostrider gunship with laser weapon for covert strikes

20+ US intel officers, diplomats attacked with suspected sonic weapons in Austria since Biden took office: Report

Joint congressional hearings & DOJ investigation of microwave assaults on US citizens

Hidden in plain sight: The shocking origins of the Jeffrey Epstein case

Government by blackmail: Jeffrey Epstein, Trump’s mentor and the dark secrets of the Reagan era

The genesis and evolution of the Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton relationship


The Devil’s Chessboard with David Talbot

Book Review: The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA and the Rise of America’s Secret Government

Let’s Go to the Movies: June 13, 2019 – The Kingsman

Deep State Tactics 101 Part I -X with Catherine Austin Fitts

The Cosmic Implications of Mind Control with Dr. Joseph Farrell

Mind Control Tactics Used on Young People and Children (and Everyone Else)

Firearm training

Unanswered Questions:

Question #34: Non-State Actors To what extent are we dealing with multiple non-state actors controlling nuclear bombs and invisible weaponry? Will the principles established by the Treaty of Westphalia regarding sovereign monopoly on force completely disintegrate?

Front #13: Media and Entertainment

The new media continue to blossom, with significant market share shifting out of the old media. Although this trend started before Covid, the “propatainment” media’s pandemic coverage accelerated the exodus, with one news report describing a 90% CNN ratings dive by the end of 2021. (Note: CNN is the outlet that declared Pfizer’s Albert Bourla its “CEO of the Year”). The billions in media subsidy proposed in Biden’s “Build Back Better” Act suggest that subsidy may be how the old-media “lie machine” is surviving. The question of whether the old media—networks and/or hosts—can be held liable for their aggressive drumbeat promoting Covid injections is one that will be interesting to follow.


Without Cuomo, CNN’s 9 P.M. hour falls to lowest ratings of the year

Top rated Arizona news anchor resigns: “I no longer want to do this job”

Media hides secret in $3.5 trillion spending bill

Part 1: CIA’s extraordinary role influencing liberal media outlets Daily Kos, The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone

Defending Julian Assange is defending anyone who dares to speak the truth

UK Court approves Biden’s extradition request for Assange


A Call for New Culture Creators

The New Media with Elze van Hamelen

Subscribe to and support New Media

New Media list

Own a typewriter

Unanswered Questions:

Question #35: Old Media Why does anyone watch it?

Question #36: Sports Are there any sports on Old Media that are not rigged?

Front #14: Digital Concentration Camps: The “Smart Grid” and Vaccine Passports

It is essential to draw a “line in the sand” where vaccine passports are concerned—do not comply with passports or QR codes. (Two of the best resources on this topic in 2021 were Dr. Mike Yeadon’s powerful video explaining why we cannot allow this to happen, and Corey Lynn’s vaccine passport series, now available in book form.) Unfortunately, many people still don’t understand the end game nor the passports’ critical role in creating a system of complete financial control. Whether or not the Covid injections are the biblical “mark of the beast,” it’s clear that vaccine passports could spell the end, in Naomi Wolf’s words, of “human liberty in the West.”


You’re going to be made obsolete

Scottish government’€™s vaccine passport app sends private data to Amazon, Microsoft

The military was already developing a digital vaccination tracking system before the COVID-19 outbreak

Fed Chair and Treasury Sec call for end of Bitcoin and national digital tracking ID

Covid, cybernetics, and the new normal

Vaccine passports: Your ticket to a new social control system?

“I would rather die than lose my freedom”: Brazilian president slams vaccine passports

“Tired of being bullied”: Ontario mayor objects to mandatory vaccine passports

The Trojan Horse of Switzerland—Going for a “No” in Order to Save Democracy


Do Not Comply

22 Ways To Stop Vaccine ID Passports in 2022 and Why We Must!


1st Quarter 2021 Wrap Up—Take Action 2021, Part I: Loosen Technology’s Grip on Your Mind with Corey Lynn

Cash is king for Christmas

Swiss Referendum – November 28, 2021

How to Find a Local Bank

Silver & Gold Payment Calculator

Tagging Sticky Fingers Omarova

The time is now: Differentiating “force” from “choice”

Unanswered Questions:

Question #37: Vaccine Passports How do we stop them?

Front #15: Transportation and Travel

There are many reasons to be concerned about the safety of air and ground travel. For example, with Covid mandates forcing out many of the best pilots, and Covid injections killing pilots who do comply with the mandates, the airlines seem to be signaling that they don’t care about pilot or passenger safety. On the ground, meanwhile, one has to wonder why railroads worldwide are restoring steam locomotives—is it to provide a back-up analog option if an electromagnetic pulse or cyber glitch incapacitates electric trains? The increasing rollout of driverless trucks and trains, without incorporating human fail-safes, is troubling both from a safety standpoint and because of what these technologies portend in terms of controlling people’s movements. These trends likely explain why sales of RVs and older mechanical cars are “through the roof.” It’s not a bad time to invest in a good bicycle.


Aurora and PACCAR team up in autonomous truck push

The new digital driver’s license will include your vaccine status – May eventually include your credit score, travel records and social credit score

All lorry drivers entering England face compulsory Covid tests to fight threat of new coronavirus variants despite fears it could disrupt food supplies

Billionaires segregate themselves on luxury private islands as ordinary people told they can’t travel

Dock the hauls! Trucking giant lays off dozens before Christmas in Phoenix

Joint open letter – Transport heads call on world leaders to secure global supply chains

What’s tougher: Finding drivers or trailers?

AT&T, Verizon pause rollout of new 5G network over plane safety concerns

Huge piece of Highway 1 south of Big Sur falls into ocean


Qantas Pilot Speaks Out About Vaccine Mandate

Own a working bike

Maintain resources to travel and your right to travel locally and state wide

Join or start car sharing

Use personal network to develop places to stay traveling

The time is now: Differentiating “force” from “choice”

Unanswered Questions:

Question #38: Air Travel Is air travel safe? What is the status of remote control, pilot heart attacks, 5G concerns, and software control?

Question #39: Autonomous Cars & Trucks How fast will the adaptation be?

Front #16: Ocean and Skies

From the deployment of satellites supporting the smart grid, to tornadoes making right-angle turns, to Canadian politicians “thanking the people who sent the rain,” to Bill Gates’ 20-years-overdue admission about geoengineering to block the sun, a lot is happening in the sky and with the weather. Elana Freeland’s latest book on Geoengineered Transhumanism, reviewed on Solari, connects many dots about the digitizing of the atmosphere. Of late, it is not hard to notice that many people are getting sick (with “Covid” being the convenient scapegoat) right after a heavy round of spraying.


International Appeal Stop 5G on Earth and Space: Update on Satellites

The Dimming, Exposing Global Weather Warfare (full documentary)

Wall Street’s takeover of nature advances with launch of new asset class

Japan plans to dump 1.2 million tons of contaminated Fukushima wastewater Into Pacific Ocean

A Bill Gates venture aims to spray dust into the atmosphere to block the sun. What could go wrong?


An Update on Global Spraying with Clifford Carnicom

Geoengineered Transhumanism born in its printed version on October 20, 2021!

Unanswered Questions:

Question #40: Blocking the Sun What could go wrong? Why do they need to block out the sun?

Front #17: Multipolar Turf Wars

“Turf wars” abound, ranging from competition for resources in the Arctic Circle (and ongoing strangeness in Antarctica) to multipolar competition in space. Meanwhile, as we watch the apparently intentional takedown of the American “brand,” the construction of the 21st-century Silk Road land empire proceeds apace. What is Mr. Global’s stance vis-à-vis Russia? On the one hand, Russia appears to be fully playing along with the Covid narrative—with mandates and vaccine passports—but on the other hand, it is taking many steps to protect its sovereignty. With its 11-time-zone landmass, Russia is strategically well-positioned to benefit from the Silk Road. And let’s not forget that Russia is America’s largest competitor in international arms sales.


India’s trade with China falls in 2020, deficit at five-year low

China in the crosshairs – is a war in the Far East and Pacific next?

U.S. troops have secretly been in Taiwan for over a year helping island prepare for war with China: Report

The U.S. and China’s battle for global reputation

Russia launches missiles during warship drills inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone

Russia to suspend NATO military liaison mission in Moscow in tit-for-tat move

Russia prepares the curtain call

Mexico, Russia sign accord to cooperate on space exploration

Russia begins deliveries of S-400 defense system to India despite US sanctions threat

Putin asked Biden for “guarantees” NATO won’t expand eastwards: Kremlin

Japan ditches Covid emergency in return to normalcy…

Iran-Taliban clashes: The real reason for the USA’s Afghanistan

Macron says focus of EU presidency to be migration, sovereignty

Non-State Actor

Klaus Schwab cyber attack

Arctic Circle

The Air Force is making sure it’s bombers are prepared for Arctic operations


More Antarctic strangeness about guess who?

Suborbital Platform

Space junk threats highlighted by smashed Russian satellite; FCC approves up to 65,000 more Internet satellites anyway

China and India Moon Presence

China lands on Mars in crowning moment for space program

Space attacks could trigger Article 5: NATO

PM Narendra Modi launched the Indian Space Association

South China Sea

Navy fires commander of nuclear sub that hit underwater mountain In South China Sea

China “open” to idea of jointly releasing oil reserves with US

UK and EU agree on fishing deal over shared stocks


Language for Life – Babbel.com

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms | WWOOF

Food for the Soul by Nina Heyn Audios: Episode 15 Traveling

Unanswered Questions:

Question #41: The Moon What is the moon? Do we have a colony on the moon or Mars? What is the U.S. doing about the International Space Station?

Question #42: Global Cop How far might other countries’ conquests go once it becomes clear the U.S. will no longer play global cop?

Christine Lagarde, Klaus Schwab, Brad Garlinghouse, David Schwartz are in Antarctica today for the total solar eclipse and new moon that happens 10 minutes after the peak of the eclipse.

Front #18: Weaponized Migration

The weaponization of migration is an old and ruthless tactic. In the U.S., we see a double standard, with citizens who want to travel—even domestically—being subjected to invasive requirements for testing, masking, quarantine, or injection, while the federal government allows large numbers of migrants to cross the U.S.-Mexico border unimpeded. The active role played by the Biden administration in transporting thousands of border crossers deeper into the country even prompted remarks by Florida governor Ron DeSantis about “a mass human smuggling operation.” In Europe, immigration policies clearly point to an effort to erase Western culture, including Christianity. On the positive side, many people now understand that high culture is being destroyed and are taking steps to protect and revive it.


Unvetted migrants flow in by the thousands while DHS stresses climate change, inclusion, eradicate hate agendas

U.S.-Mexico border patrol arrests reach all-time high

How AP, Reuters and SCMP propagandize their readers against China

Biden ends Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy

Tucker gives “surprising” update on report military is transporting migrants

“We will defend our country and the entire EU”: Polish soldiers force back hundreds of migrants at the border with pepper spray after Belarus dictator Lukashenko sent 1,000 refugees to invade


Firearm training

Unanswered Questions:

Question #43: Afghanistan Why are unvetted Afghanis being brought back to the U.S. by the military?

Question #44: EU Immigration Crisis Who’s doing this, and what is the goal?

Front #19: Climate Change Op and Energy

Mr. Global appears to be trying, somewhat unsuccessfully, to transition the Covid narrative to the climate change story. The climate change op is dangerous nonetheless. For G7 citizens, realistic concerns include how “climate change” may be used to interfere with land and water ownership and use, as well as function as a cover story for energy and resource rationing. Keep a close eye on what is happening locally—if you start seeing ordinances popping up that restrict rainwater collection, that will be a dead giveaway. Be prepared, too, to handle more frequent and longer power outages. Geophysical risks remain another important unanswered question—have entities like CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) set experiments into motion without having a full picture of how the different systems they are manipulating are interconnected?


Unsung zeroes: The top 10 under-reported climate flops of 2021

Wall Street’s takeover of nature advances with launch of new asset class

Queensland will soon be home to the world’s largest green hydrogen manufacturing facility. Here’s what that means

Here is the hidden $150 trillion agenda behind the “crusade” against climate change

“Slow disaster playing out” as Germany moves to shut down 8.5 GW of baseload nuclear capacity

“Extremely dangerous” Hurricane Ida knocks out more oil than Katrina

Overnight Energy: EPA head travels to Costa Rica in final days of Trump administration | Treasury rolls out 45Q guidance on carbon capture

President Joe Biden rejoins the Paris climate accord in first move to tackle global warming

Night of devastating tornadoes likely kills more than 100 in Kentucky

Mexico hit by powerful earthquake

What is the UN-backed Crypto Climate Accord?

Video: Al Gore’s latest “solution” to climate change is mass surveillance


Prepare for energy shortages and outages appropriate to your location

Prepare to prevent climate change op interference with your land and water ownership and use

Water Solutions I

Unanswered Questions:

Question #45: The Climate Change Op Can the Covid-19 to Climate Change bait-and-switch really work? How will this dovetail with the changes in global taxes and the push to control real estate and land? Why has Biden appointed a climate change czar who has the carbon footprint of a Panzer division? Why have they chosen carbon for the control unit? When will the general public begin to realize the dangers of all retail transactions being on an electrical control grid? When will the energy cost of crypto and blockchain systems as well as F-35 and military activities become widely appreciated?

Question #46: Sun Cycles and Geophysical Risks What is happening to the sun? Are we entering into a period of diminished sun spot activity? What would that mean for our weather and economy? Are we experiencing a new cooling cycle and are we at risk of a new ice age? Why is Gates talking about blotting out the sun? Is the risk of a coronal mass ejection (CME) real? Does Earth have a “Three-Body Problem”? Why is there a pattern of civilization destruction 10,000 years ago? As the planet enters a cooling cycle, it looks like Mr. Global is unwilling to share what he knows about geophysical risks with the general public. Is Mr. Global “playing around” with stellar physics to show someone “out there” what we can do?

Front #20: Technology Out of Control

Technology looks increasingly out of control, in part because modern science is trapped in the materialist Enlightenment-era philosophy that tells us “progress” is technological and has no limits. Martin Luther King, Jr. warned about this when he stated, “Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power.” The lack of spiritual restraint and integrity in science has brought us, for starters, human-pig chimeras, CRISPR technology, nanoparticles in the atmosphere, and mRNA injections with undisclosed ingredients—and it looks like these technologies are driving even further debasement of science. In this environment, integrity is more imperative than ever. There is no technical skill that a person with integrity cannot learn—but no one can learn integrity if they don’t have it.


“Tesla as the World’s Biggest Robot Company”: Elon Musk on AI and U.S. Innovation | WSJ

Breakthrough CRISPR gene therapy could be a “one and done” injection

Paralyzed man with brain chip posts “first direct-thought” tweet

Overcoming the Geoengineered Transhumanism Agenda w/ Elana Freeland

Vatican is hosting transHumanism conference


Stay vocal: Local bills bolster the big fight back

Unanswered Questions

Question #47: Science What will be the long-term impact of the corruption and destruction of scientific research and academic infrastructure?

Question #48: The Theranos Drama What was that about?

Question#49: The Epstein Drama How come Epstein and Madoff funded so much brain research? And what does it have to do with FASAB 56 and the missing money?

Question #50: Invisible Weaponry and Technology How important are invisible and secret weaponry and technology to the replacement of global currency systems with crypto control systems? How are invisible technologies being used to engineer civil wars, turn people against each other, and engage in disaster capitalism? How do they relate to 190+ government leaders implementing central policies? What are the extreme risks generated by new technology: mRNA gene therapy, high-tech fires, the push for immortality, DNA editing, 5G+ mind control and assassinations, and the interbreeding of humans with other species? What else? What should we do to learn more about weather warfare, interdimensionality, time travel, and geophysical risks? Could we get an Operation Bluebeam in 2021? Do we have the capacity to create our own telepathic portals for global “travel?” Do we have the capacity to dramatically increase our natural use of our full brain and other intelligence capacities?

Question #51: Technocracy, Transhumanism, and Reengineering the New Man Are we watching a process of removing the existing species and replacing it with a new species whose genetic make-up and upbringing are centrally controlled?

Question #52: AI and Machine Enforcement When are robotics and automation going to go up the S curve? Will the “defund the police” movement turn out to be an install robot and drone police wave?

Question #53: High-Tech Risks What are the extreme risks generated by new technology: mRNA gene therapy, high-tech fires, the push for immortality, DNA editing, 5G+ mind control and assassinations, and the interbreeding of humans with other species? What else? What should we do to learn more about weather warfare, interdimensionality, time travel, and geophysical risks? Could we get an Operation Bluebeam in 2021? Do we have the capacity to create our own telepathic portals for global “travel”? See:

Real-life Hybrid Baby Surprise, Pedestrians React | Netflix

All Fronts

Question #54: The Vision Thing and the Road Ahead What are the supporting facts and arguments for optimism? How do we push back on missing money and taxation? What is most on the minds of members of Giza Death Star and Solari Report subscribers? What can we do this year to help improve the learning speeds in our shared intelligence networks?

Table Press Part II

Story DateWar FrontStory LinkSourceCategoryTagMediumDate Posted
2020-12-28112020 Has Been the Year of SPAC IPOs: Here Are the Prominent 4NasdaqEconomy & Financial Markets, SpaceSPAC, IPOArticle1
2020-12-2911Kushner Companies plans $100M Israeli bond raiseThe Real DealGeopoliticsIsrael, Kushner, Bond DealArticle1
2020-12-3011Reddit investors use GameStop proceeds to help protect gorillasThe GuardianCultureInspariation, MotivationArticle2021-03-20
2021-01-0511NYSE Scraps Plans to Delist Chinese Telecom StocksWSJGeopoliticsChina, WW IIIArticle1
2021-01-0611NYSE Reverses Course Again, Will Delist Three Chinese Telecom StocksWSJGeopoliticsChina, NYSE, De-ListingArticle1
2021-01-1211Treasurer blacklists China investmentsFinancial ReviewGeopoliticsChina,Article1
2021-01-1311New Law Will Force Companies To Reveal Identities Of OwnersPatriot WiseCultureGreat Reset, Big BrotherArticle1
2021-01-2111Third SPAC ETF Launch Taps Into Blank-Check Company BoomWSJEconomy & Financial MarketsTBTF/TBTJ, IPO BypassArticle, Video1
2021-01-2711Billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya on GameStop surge and rise of retail investorsCNBC TVEconomy & Financial MarketsStocks, Corruption, Tapeworm, TBTF/TBTJVideo1
2021-02-0811Charles Schwab, Robinhood, and ETrade Suffer Widespread Outages... Again!NotmainstreamnewsEconomy & Financial MarketsRobinhood, Citadel, SECArticle1
2021-02-1711Amsterdam Has Retaken Financial Capital of Europe? Was this Cyclically on Time?Armstrong EconomicsEconomy & Financial MarketsEuronextArticle1
2021-03-0311Hill review: London takes aim at Amsterdam with new listing rulesYahoo-FianceEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsTrading Hub, EU, UK, BrexitArticle2021-03-16
2021-03-0311SPACs are now a $700 billion marketYahoo-FianceEconomy & Financial MarketsSPACS, Equity Markets, Poor Man's equity MarketArticle, Video1
2021-03-0411The Tech Wreck of Zero-Dividend Stocks Arrives on the Wings of Rising Treasury YieldsWall Street on ParadeEconomy & Financial MarketsTech StocksArticle1
2021-03-0811Nasdaq Enters Correction Territory as Tech Shares SinkThe Wall Street JournalEconomy & Financial MarketsNASDAQ, Tech StocksArticle1
2021-03-1811Reddit investors use GameStop proceeds to help protect gorillasThe GuardianCultureInspiriation, Motivation Article2021-03-20
2021-03-2911Shades of 2008: Derivative Bets Blow Up Archegos Hedge Fund Inflict Billions in Losses on Global BanksWall Street on ParadeEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesFinancial Crisis, Derivatives, Global BanksArticle2021-03-31
2021-05-1111At $49.1 Trillion, the US Stock Market Is Larger than the Combined GDP of the US, China, Japan, and GermanyWall Street on ParadeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsUS Stock Market, Market BubbleArticle2021-05-13
2021-06-1711Rupert Murdoch's Fox creates $130m fund to invest in NFTsThe Sydney Morning HeraldEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsFox, Investment Fund, NFTsArticle2021-06-17
2021-07-1411Macron is considering pension reform prior to electionsEminetraGeopoliticsMacron, Elections, PensionArticle2021-07-20
2021-07-1511After Didi Fiasco, China Imposes Cybersecurity Reviews on Foreign IPOsLawfareGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyChina, Trading, DiDi Global, CybersecurityArticle2021-07-20
2021-07-1911Mapped: The Top Trading Partner of Every U.S. StateVisual CapitalistEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsUS States, Global partner,Article2021-07-23
2021-07-2511'Positive Trade' EuropeLinktr.eeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsEU, Global Trade, Discriminatory Actions, PushbackArticle2021-08-08
2021-07-2911Didi Global Considers Going Private to Placate China and Compensate InvestorsThe Wall Street JournalEconomy & Financial MarketsChina, Trading, DiDi Global, IPO, Going PrivateArticle2021-07-29
2021-08-0211World's Largest Pension Fund Slashes US Treasury Exposure By Record AmountZerohedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesPension Funds, Assets, Financial MarketsArticle2021-08-03
2021-08-0411Markets If You Sell a House These Days, the Buyer Might Be a Pension FundWall Street JournalEconomy & Financial MarketsMortgages, Home, Real EstateArticle2021-08-09
2021-08-25112 Giant Investment Firms Control Almost Everything You Buy .Here's Why You Should CareThe DefenderEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsEconomy, BlackRock, Vanguard, Central Banking, 4th Branch of GovernmentArticle2021-08-26
2021-12-0711BlackRock to Pull $2 Trillion in Assets From State StreetThe Wall Street JournalEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsBlackRock, State Street, Assets,Article2021-12-11
2021-07-0711Satellite imagery company Planet Labs is going public, backed by Google, BlackRock and Marc BenioffCNBCGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyPlanets Labs, IPO, Blackrock, Google, Marc BenioffArticle2021-07-20
2021-10-0911China proposes bans on private capital participation in mediaThe Straits TimesGeopolitics, WUChina, Private Capital, Media, BanArticle2021-10-27
2021-10-1111KKR Co-CEOs Henry Kravis and George Roberts Step DownThe Wall Street JournalEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsKKR, Private Equity, ResignationsArticle2021-10-14
2007-10-2512Global Population ControlBoris Johnson.comGeopoliticsGlobal Population,Article2021-06-30
2020-10-0612CIA Confirms RussiaGate Made up by HillaryArmstrong EconomicsCultureHillary, RussiagateArticle, Video1
2021-01-0112Pope Francis Issues Law Reorganizing Vatican FinancesNational Catholic RegisterGeopolitics, Economic, Catholic ChurchArticle1
2021-01-0612Massive Inferno Rips Through New York Nursing HomeZerohedgeGeopoliticsNY Nursing Home, Cuomo, Raging FireArticle2021-03-24
2021-01-2012The Money Trail to the Siege at the Capitol Leads to Charles Koch and Koch Industries Republican Senators Who Challenged Biden Presidential ElectionWall St. on ParadeGeopolitics, Civil War II, Big Brother, KochArticle1
2021-03-1512The Dark Money 'Ring'of Charles Koch and Leonard Leo Gets an Airing Before the U.S. Senate - Followed by a Mainstream Media News BlackoutWall Street on ParadeEconomy & Financial MarketsDark Money, Corrupting US Court System, Corrupting Supreme CourtArticle2021-03-15
2021-04-1412Open Letter to Our Leaders-EnglishPlace Armes.frGeopolitics, CultureFrance, Letter to Government, Class Warfare, Race Ware, Protection of CultureArticle2021-04-29
2021-05-2012The American Medical Association Now Has a Plan to 'Embed Racial Justice'TownhallGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthAMA, Racial Justice, Anti-Racist, EmbeddingArticle2021-05-20
2021-06-0412Right Now with Gareth Icke -Journalist Jacqui Deevoy has an explosive story, a story of state EuthanasiaDavid IckeGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Covid Deaths, EuthanasiaArticle, Video2021-06-06
2021-06-0712Japan: Senior Tokyo Games Olympic official dies after jumping in front of trainThe Week IndiaGeopoliticsToyko Games, Olympic Official, Sudden DeathArticle2021-07-21
2021-06-1412Unindicted Co-Conspirators in 1/6 Cases Raise Disturbing Questions of Federal ForeknowledgeTwitterGeopoliticsJan 6th, Insurrection, Domestic Terrorism, Surveillence Video, FBI OperatesVideo, Tweet2021-09-26
2021-06-2412Family of Paraguay's first lady among missing after high-rise collapse near Miami BeachAOLGeopoliticsMiami Beach Condo, Paraguay, Building CollapseArticle2021-06-30
2021-09-1412Prosecution witness in Netanyahu trial and his wife killed in Greek plane crashThe Times Of IsraelGeopoliticsIsrael, Netanyahu, Trial, Witness, DeathArticle2021-09-15
2021-09-1412Haiti Prosecutor Seeks Charges Against Prime Minister in President''s Assassination'The Wall Street JournalGeopoliticsHaiti, PM, President AssassinationArticle2021-09-15
2021-09-1912FBI says fortune seized in Beverly Hills raid was criminals's loot. Owners say: Where's the proof?Los Angles TimesEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsFBI, Asset Forfeiture, Beverly Hills, No EvidenceArticle2021-09-23
2021-09-2012Skyway robbery: US government seizing billions in cash from air travelers without ever filing a criminal chargeSOTTEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsUS, Asset Seizure, Traveling, Cash, Air TravelersArticle2021-09-29
2021-12-0812Bipin Rawat, India's Top Military Official, Dies in Helicopter CrashThe Wall Street JournalGeopoliticsIndia, Military Offical, Helicopter CrashArticle2021-12-11
2021-12-1212Night of devastating tornadoes likely kills more than 100 in KentuckyReutersGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyKentucy, Tornadoes, Death CountArticle2021-12-12
2017-06-2412Surviving Electronic Harassment, v2K, Gangstalking Ex Military Engineer Powerful TestimonyYouTube-Real SpeaksScience & Technology, Food & HealthGang Stalking, electronic HarassmentVideo1
2021-01-2912Dark Journalist - Dr. Joseph Farrell: Secret Systems and Hidden Forces!YouTube-Dark JournalistGeopoliticsJan 6th, Insurrection, Domestic TerrorismVideo1
2021-03-0112SEVEN Help Show This Ad to Two Million People!AE911TruthGeopolitics, Science & Technology9/11, Building Seven. 9/11 TruthArticle, Video2021-03-18
2021-05-0312Bill and Melinda DivorceTwitterGeopoliticsGates DivorceTweet2021-05-04
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2021-02-0413Cancel Culture is a Dress Rehearsal for Mass Murder | Stefan MolyneuxYouTube-21 StudiosGeopolitics, CultureCancel Culture, Divide & Conquer, CensorshipVideo2021-04-20
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2021-08-1313Snopes Suspends Co-Founder For Mass Plagiarism, Staff RevoltsZerohedgeGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthSnopes, Plagiarism,Article2021-08-13
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2021-01-1313Conservative Commentator Says AIG Canceled His Insurance Over His Social Media PostsInfoWarsCultureCivil War IIArticle1
2021-02-1013Facebook and YouTube ban "Planet Lockdown" Film filled with coronavirus falsehoods, after it was shared by millionsThe Washington Post-MSNCulture, Science & TechnologyPlanet Lockdown, Big Tech, CensorshipArticle1
2021-03-0313Book Banning in an Age of AmazonAbigailshrier Sub StackGeopoliticsFreedom of Speech, Censorship, Book Burning, Farenheit 451Article1
2021-03-0513Meet the Censored: Myanmar Writer Zaw Moe ShinnTK News by Matt TaibbiGeopoliticsMilitary Junta, Election Fraud, MyanmarArticle1
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2021-02-1013CNN's Anderson Cooper compares Capitol riot to Rwanda genocideCNNCultureJan 6th, Insurrection, Domestic TerrorismVideo1
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2020-12-2413We Need this in U.S.: Every Time Facebook Or Twitter Censor Free Speech In Poland They Will Face $2.2 Million FineWPoliticsCulturePoland, Facebook, CensorshipArticle1
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2021-01-0514From 'Event 201' to 'Cyber Polygon' The WEFÃ's Simulation of a Coming ' Cyber Pandemic'Unlimited HangoutGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyCyber Pandemic, Cyber Simulations, Creepy TechArticle2021-03-24
2021-06-1514Tiny injectable chips use ultrasound to monitor your body… from the insideScience FocusGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthMicrochips, Injectable Transistors, Monitoring Devices, Creepy Tech;Article2021-06-26
2021-10-2714Satellites live long. Who prospers?McKinsey & CompanyGeopolitics, Science & Technology, SpaceAerospace, Technology, Satellites, Blue Origin,Article2021-10-31
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2021-02-0114Whitney Webb Interview - Starbucks COVID Connection, GameStop Suspicions & WEF Cyber Pandemic SimulationsThe Last American VagabondFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Vaccines, Vaccine RolloutArticle, Video1
2021-06-0714Canadian Government Seeking Bids For 'Biometric Vaccine Passports'System CreationCanuck LawGeopoliticsVaccine Passport, Medical Apartheid, TyrannyArticle2021-06-09
2021-07-1314Cyberattacks show the risks of digital currencies and centralised control - we need a return to community bankingRTEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyDigital Currency, US, CBDC, Digital Dollar, US Banks, Cyber AttacksArticle2021-07-13
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2021-12-0914Israel leads 10-country simulation of major cyberattack on world marketsThe Times of IsraelEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsIsrael, Cyberattack, Simulation, Global Markets, Stocks, TradingArticle2021-12-12
2019-02-0714The internet of humansEC EuropaGeopoliticsInternet of Humans, Digital World, AIArticle2021-05-10
2020-07-2414Apple granted patent for 'user equipment, network procedures for emergency broadcasting on Wi-Fi'sApple World TodayScience & Technology5G, IOT, SatellitesArticle2021-06-04
2020-12-1814Your Credit Score Should Be Based on Your Web History, IMF SaysGizmodoCultureCredit Score, IMF, Mark of the BeastArticle1
2021-01-0614German Street Protest of LockdownsYouTubeGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Lockdown, Lockdown Protests, PushbackVideo2021-09-19
2021-01-1514Biden-Harris Admin Proposes $10B in New IT and Cyber Funding for Federal AgenciesNextGovEconomy & Financial MarketsGovernment Subsidies, Big TechArticle1
2021-01-2114Digital Locations to Benefit from FCC Rule Update that Will Ease Deployment of 5G Small Cell TowersYahoo-FianceScience & Technology, Food & Health5GsArticle1
2021-02-0314Implanted "Vaccine Package"ID: Germany's Parliament Has Ratified GAVI's Digital "Agenda ID2020"Global ResearchScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Health Passports, Bio-IdsArticle1
2021-02-0914FBI and Secret Service join hunt for Florida water system suspect who hacked city's supply and tried to load it with'' dangerous levels'' of a chemical found in drain cleanerDaily MailGeopoliticsFlorida, Water System, CybersecurityArticle1
2021-03-1114News and Views From the Nefarium March 11, 2021: (French Server Farm)YouTube-Giza Death StarGeopoliticsFrance, Power OutageVideo1
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2021-04-2914Bio-Barcodes: GMO Spores Hidden in Food to Track Supply ChainYouTube-Ice Age FarmerScience & Technology, Food & HealthBio-Spores, Digital Tracking, FoodArticle2021-04-29
2021-05-1914The Digitalisation of MoneyBISEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsCBDC, Fed, Crypto, DebtArticle2021-05-28
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2021-03-1114License Plate Scans Are Growing ExponentiallyTechnocracy NewsScience & TechnologyBig Tech, AI, License-Plate ScannersArticle1
2021-03-1214Claim: Clearview AI Illegally Stockpiled Data On 3 Billion People Without Their Knowledge Or PermissionTechnocracy NewsScience & TechnologyBig Tech, Data Theft, AIArticle1
2021-03-1414US indicts CEO of company that provides encrypted phonesReclaim The NetScience & TechnologyEncrypted Phones, End of PrivacyArticle2021-03-16
2021-02-0514They Stormed the Capitol. Their Apps Tracked Them.New York TimesScience & TechnologyAI, Creepy tech, Digital SurveillanceArticle1
2021-02-1914Bye, bye Bill! Russia's nuclear officials abandon America's Microsoft Office software & switch to home-designed tech reportsRTScience & TechnologyBill Gates, The Great Nerd Owns the World, RussiaArticle1
2021-03-0314Microsoft Security Weakness Allows Hackers to Access Customer Email SystemsBreitbartScience & TechnologyMicrosoft, Backdoor, HackersArticle1
2021-03-0314CISA Orders Immediate Action on Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange ServersNextgovScience & TechnologyMicrosoft, Backdoor, HackersArticle1
2021-03-0414Microsoft finds China-based hackTaipei TimesScience & TechnologyMicrosoft, Accessible Backdoor, Hackers, ChinaArticle1
2021-03-1014Millions of websites offline after fire at French cloud services firmReutersScience & TechnologyFrance, Power Outage, Internet OutageArticle1
2021-03-3014Chip-starved automakers shudder at Renesas plant''s 1-month haltNikkei AsiaScience & TechnologyMicrochips, Japanese Factories, Fire DamageArticle2021-03-30
2021-07-0114Joint interview, Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report and Whitney Webb of Unlimited HangoutRofkinScience & TechnologyData Beast, Tech, CIA, DOD, Video2021-09-30
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2020-06-0617South Korea to Expand Space Cooperation With the US to Counter China's Growing Global InfluenceTech TimesSpaceSpace, South Korea
2020-11-1817Special Solari Report: Issues and Framework of U.S. Law Concerning Outer Space -An UpdateSolariSpaceSpaceArticle
2020-11-2317MIT launches Center for Multi-Cellular Engineered Living SystemsMITScience & TechnologyMulti Cellular Engineered Living SystemsArticle1
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2021-02-0217White House Signals Plans To Keep Space Force After GOP BacklashForbesGeopolitics, SpaceSpace ForceArticle1
2021-02-0217Experts warn of brewing space mining war among US, China and RussiaMining.comPrecious Metals & Currencies, SpaceThe Moon, Space Mining, SpaceArticle1
2021-02-1017China's ''space dream'': A long march to the Moon and beyondIndia TimesSpaceChina, Space, MoonArticle1
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2021-02-2717Did you find the message hidden in Perseverance's parachute?Earth SkySpaceSpace, MarsArticle1
2021-03-0317'Space hurricane' spotted above Earth for the first time everNY PostScience & TechnologyWeather, Geoengineering, Hurricanes in SpaceArticle1
2021-03-1117Scientists want to send 6.7M sperm samples to the moonNY PostScience & Technology, SpaceSperm Lab, Space, MoonArticle2021-03-16
2021-03-1517Of Lunar Arcs and Covid "Vaccines"Giza Death StarScience & Technology, Space, Food & HealthMoon Arc, Covid Vaccines, Destroy Earth Populate the MoonArticle2021-03-15
2021-03-1517France runs satellite war game in European firstSpace WarSpaceSpace, Space Wars, SatellitesArticle2021-03-15
2021-05-2717Japan will send a transforming robot ball to the moon to test lunar rover techSpaceSpaceSpace, Japan
2021-05-3117Russia, China hope to secure partners for moon base projectSpace NewsSpaceRussia, China, Space, MoonArticle2021-06-23
2021-06-0317With over 350 private space companies, India in fifth place globallyThe Times of IndiaSpaceSpace, IndiaArticle2021-06-23
2021-06-1517Space attacks could trigger Article 5: NATOArmy TechnologyScience & Technology, SpaceNATO, Space Attack, Article 5,Article2021-06-30
2021-06-1617Astronauts install new rollout solar panels on International Space StationSolar DailyGeopolitics, SpaceChina, Space Station, Rockets;Article2021-06-17
2021-06-1717Rocket blasts off carrying first Chinese crew to new space stationSpace DailySpaceChina, SpaceArticle2021-06-17
2021-09-2317'Don't try your luck'| Russian FM says Russia will not join NATORT-YoutubeGeopoliticsRussia, EU, NATOVideo2021-09-24
2021-09-2717Iran’s SCO promotion & the rise of a new world order: ReportThe SakerGeopoliticsSCO, Iran, China, Multi-Polar WorldArticle2021-09-29
2021-02-0117In Alarming Close Call, Chinese Fighters & US Aircraft Entered Same Defense Zone Off TaiwanZerohedgeGeopoliticsChina, Taiwan, The QuadArticle1
2021-02-1017Great Reset? Putin Says, "Not So Fast"Gold Goats N GunsGeopoliticsRussia, EU, Anti GlobalistArticle1
2021-03-1817News and Views from the Nefarium March 18 2021Dr. Joseph FarrellGeopoliticsEpidemics, Russia, Africa, WWIIIArticle2021-03-19
2021-07-2417US, EU, NATO release joint statement urging halt in fighting in AfghanistanMintGeopoliticsAfghanistan, US, EU, End FightingArticle2021-07-25
2021-10-0117« Iran Sanctions - How To Say F... Y.. In Diplomatese | Main | The MoA Week In Review - OT 2021-076 »Moon of AlabamaEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsChina, Taiwan, AirspaceArticle2021-10-06
2021-10-0317China in the crosshairs -is a war in the Far East and Pacific next?The SakerEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsChina, Far East, South China Sea, TaiwanArticle2021-10-06
2021-10-1117PM Narendra Modi launched the Indian Space AssociationBGR.inGeopolitics, SpaceIndia, Modi, Space AssociationArticle2021-10-14
2021-10-1417Putin Praises Crypto As Possible 'Weaponized' Dollar ReplacementZerohedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsPutin, Crypto, Dollar, WeaponizedArticle2021-10-16
2021-01-0317A New great Game Finds the South AtlanticWar On RocksGeopoliticsWar Games,Article2021-03-26
2021-05-0417Russia says ready to leave SWIFT, plans to join Iran's SepamPress TVEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsRussia, Swift, EU, SepamArticle2021-05-05
2021-05-3117Russia may be cut off from SWIFT banking payment system as part of West's 'spiral of sanctions,' warns country's foreign ministryRTGeopoliticsRussia, EU, Swift, WWlllArticle2021-06-01
2021-06-0217EU to Discuss Disconnecting Russia From SWIFT Before Making DecisionGlobal TimesEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsRussia, Swift, EU,Article2021-06-09
2021-09-1617Paris and Brussels reel from Australia's defence dealFTEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsFrance, Australia, Defense Deal, Ambassador WalkoutArticle2021-09-18
2021-12-1517Kremlin reveals new independent Russian-Chinese financial systemsRTEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsChina, Russia, Financial System, Multi-Polar, Mutual SettlementsArticle2021-12-26
2021-03-0918Gov. Abbott discusses border securityYoutube- KPRC 2 Click2HoustonGeopoliticsBorder Crisis, TexasVideo2021-03-15
2021-07-2018Tucker gives 'surprising' update on report military is transporting migrantsFox NewsGeopolitics, CultureMilitary, Immigration, Transporting MigrantsVideo2021-07-20
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2021-03-2919Indonesian oil refinery fire: Hundreds evacuated from Balongan villageNew Zealand HeraldEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsIndonesian Oil, Fire DamageArticle2021-03-30
2021-09-0819Mexico Hit by Powerful EarthquakeThe Wall Street JournalGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyMexico, Earthquake, Climate ChangeArticle2021-09-09
2020-12-3119Urgent: Digital Green Certificate Regulation. Tracey O' Mahony Barrister at LawFacebook-Dolores CahillGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Health Passports, Vaccine Rollout, Freedom of TravelVideo2021-03-25
2021-01-0719Treasury rolls out 45Q guidance on carbon capture, Overnight Energy: EPA head travels to Costa Rica in final days of Trump administrationThe HillScience & TechnologyCentral Bank, Climate ChangeArticle1
2021-01-1319Now Bill Gates Comes out -Climate Change is Worse than COVIDMartin ArmstrongScience & TechnologyEpidemics, Climate Change, Bill GatesArticle1
2021-01-1319Now Bill Gates Comes out -Climate Change is Worse than COVIDMartin ArmstrongScience & TechnologyEpidemics, Climate Change, Bill GatesArticle1
2021-01-1519Government in Netherlands Resigns After Benefit ScandalNYTGeopoliticsCorruptions, NetherlandsArticle1
2021-01-2019President Joe Biden rejoins the Paris climate accord in first move to tackle global warmingCNBCScience & TechnologyClimate Change, Great ResetArticle1
2021-01-2619Game-changing Iranian Pipeline Set To Launch In MarchOil PriceEconomy & Financial MarketsOil, Energy, IranArticle1
2021-02-0319The "Battery Fairy" & Other Delusions In The Race To Replace Gas-Powered CarsZerohedgeScience & TechnologyElectric Cars, Tesla, New EnergyArticle1
2021-02-0519Oopsie: Earth Heats Up Due To Clean Air During Economic LockdownTechnocracy NewsScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Lockdown, Climate Change, Green New DealArticle1
2021-02-0819The "Great Zero Carbon"ConspiracyGlobal ResearchScience & TechnologyClimate Change, Green New Deal, DavosArticle1
2021-02-1719Texas Energy Sector Struggles to Thaw after Deep FreezeHart EnergyGeopoliticsTexas, Energy Grid, Green New DealArticle1
2021-02-1819Crawling Off the End of the (Frozen) Speculation TwigGiza Death StarEconomy & Financial Markets, Science & TechnologyWeather Warfare, GeoengineeringArticle1
2021-02-2219Rural County Representatives of California Update on Board of Forestry (BOF) Proposed Regulations -Finds BOF Proposal Will Have Extremely Detrimental Impacts on Rural Areas of the State, Essentially Creating " No-Build Zones" in Some CommunitiesSierra Sun TimesScience & TechnologyForestry, No Build ZonesArticle1
2021-02-2819The Great Reset Activation: The Agora -Rosa KoireForbiden KnowledgeEconomy & Financial MarketsThe Great ResetVideo1
2021-03-0119Oil Trade Group Considers Endorsing Carbon PricingThe Wall Street JournalEconomy & Financial MarketsOil Prices, Carbon Scam,Article1
2021-03-0419Russell Brand: Is Bill Gates Too Powerful?The DefenderGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthBill Gates, Covid, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Great Nerd Owns the WorldArticle1
2021-03-0419Lockdown Every 2 Years for Climate ChangeArmstrong EconomicsCultureLockdowns, Climate ChangeArticle1
2021-03-1119The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary (Geoengineering Watch)Bitchute-ChembusterScience & TechnologyBlocking Out The Sun, Chemtrails, ClimateVideo1
2021-03-1219Michigan Democrat Turns On Gretchen Whitmer -Admits Her Secret Payments Are 'Concerning'LifeZetteGeopoliticsDemocrat Governors, Next Up On The Chopping BlockArticle1
2021-03-2519Is the World Going into a Cooling Period?Mark SkidmoreEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, Science & TechnologyGlobal Cooling, Climate Economic ModelArticle2021-03-30
2021-04-0119Absolute Zero - Delivering the UK's climate change commitmentUK FIRESGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyClimate Change, Green New Deal, Zero-Carbon EmissionResearch2021-04-02
2021-04-0419Nobody's Talking About This - They Can't Hide It AnymoreYouTube-Anonymous OfficialEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, CultureAgenda 21, NWO, Secret GovernmentVideo2021-04-04
2021-04-0919What is the UN-backed Crypto Climate Accord?NS Energy BusinessEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesClimate Change, Green New Deal, Zero-Carbon Emission, Renewable Energy
2021-06-2219The Companies Who Launched The Crypto Climate Accord, Signatories & SupportersMediumEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesClimate Change, Green New Deal, Zero-Carbon Emission, Renewable Energy
2021-06-2719The Crypto Climate Accord Walks a Fine Line Between Self-Interest and the Greater GoodBitcoin.comEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesCrypto Climate Accord, Blockchain, Energy FootprintArticle2021-06-30
2021-06-2919Supreme Court Backs Pipes on Land-Use Suits in PennEast WinYahoo-FianceEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsPA, Pipeline, PennEastArticle2021-06-30
2021-07-1519NASA: Moon 'Wobble' In Orbit May Lead To Record Flooding On EarthScience Slash dotSpaceNASA, Moon, FloodingArticle2021-07-23
2021-08-0919Major climate changes inevitable and irreversible IPCC's starkest warning yetThe GuardianScience & TechnologyIPCC, Climate, CarbonArticle2021-08-09
2021-08-3019Taliban greenlight construction of trans-Afghan gas pipelineVoltaire NetEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsAfghanistan, Taliban, PiplineArticle2021-09-10
2021-09-2119Bill Gates raises $US1b as corporate CEOs join race to drive clean techThe Sydney Morning HeraldGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthBill Gates, Coroporate Funding, Clean TechArticle2021-09-23
2021-09-2319Headwind"21 [Documentary]YoutubeEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyBanking, Green New Deal, Clean Energy, Sweden, Wind ParkVideo2021-09-27
2021-09-2719Ford Fortifies EV Bet With Four New Factories in Tennessee and KentuckyWall Street JournalEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsFord, Car Factory, Tennesse, KentuckyArticle2021-09-29
2021-09-2719Millions Of Chinese Residents Lose Power After Widespread, "Unexpected" Blackouts Power Company Warns This Is "New Normal"ZerohedgeGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyChina, Blackout, New Normal, Energy, Power SupplyArticle2021-09-29
2021-09-2719Ford Fortifies EV Bet With Four New Factories in Tennessee and KentuckyWall Street JournalEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsFord, Car Factory, Tennesse, KentuckyArticle2021-09-29
2021-09-2819The energy crunch is going to impact you and your familyYouTubeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsUK, Gas, Christmas Supply, Brexit, Dark Winter, Energy CrisisVideo2021-09-30
2021-11-0419Bezos Leads Parade Of 400 Private Jets To COP26 With $65M Gulfstream As Greta Accuses Leaders Of BetrayalZerohedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthG20, COP26, Climate Change, Private JetsArticle2021-11-04
2021-11-1519Shell to Move Headquarters to London Amid Energy TransitionThe Wall Street JournalEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyClimate Change, Shell, LondonArticle2021-11-20
2021-11-1519Looking Behind the COP26 Propaganda with Cory Morningstar & Iain DavisRokfinEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyG20, COP26, Climate Change,Covid Crisis, PropagandaVideo2021-12-03
2021-11-1719US asks China to release oil reserves as part of discussions on economic cooperation, source saysSouth China Morning PostEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyUS, China, Oil Reserves, Economic CooperationArticle2021-11-20
2021-11-3019"Slow Disaster Playing Out" As Germany Moves To Shut Down 8.5 GW Of Baseload Nuclear CapacityZerohedgeGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyGermany, Climate Change, Nuclear EnergyArticle2021-12-02
2021-11-301915 States Threaten To Pull $600 Billion From Banks That Won't Give Equal Service To Energy IndustryThe FederalistEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsUS, States, Banks, Energy IndustryArticle2021-12-02
2015-11-0120Anthropogenic Carbon Nanotubes Found in the Airways of Parisian ChildrenScience DirectScience & Technology, Food & HealthEnviromental Pollution, NanotubesResearch1
2017-03-3020The Reality of Black Goo | Smart Dust & NanotechnologyYouTube-ODD TVScience & Technology, Food & Health, Unanswered QuestionsNano Tech, Smart Dust, Creepy TechVideo1
2018-06-0220Lipid Nanoparticles: A Novel Approach for Brain TargetingPublicMed.govFood & HealthNano ParticlesArticle1
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2021-02-0320U.S. Navy Has Patents on Tech It Says Will "Engineer the Fabric of Reality"ViceScience & TechnologyCreepy Tech, AI, Virtual RealityArticle1
2021-02-0520Robot Motherships To Launch Drone Swarms From Sea, Underwater, Air And Near-SpaceForbesGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyDrones, Creepy Tech, Advance SurveillanceArticle1
2021-02-0520Scientists are Weaving Human Brain Cells into MicrochipsFuturismScience & TechnologyAI, Creepy tech, Mark of the BeastArticle1
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