There is no power on earth that can neutralize the influence of a high, simple and useful life.
~ Booker T. Washington

By Catherine Austin Fitts

The 1st Quarter of 2021 began with fireworks at midnight over the lake at Interlaken in the Swiss Alps’ Jungfrau, where I spent the holiday with Thomas Meyer and Orsolya Győrffy and friends and family. 

The mountains were covered with fresh snow, and the surrounding chalets twinkled in the moonlight as the fireworks peppered the sky with sparkles and colors. It was an auspicious beginning for a busy new year. 

A group of us had gathered in Basel at Christmas, discussing the importance of tools to help our networks grapple with the challenges we were facing with criminality, money manipulation, invasive technology, Covid-19 regulations, and promotion of experimental injections. As I drove home in early January, my focus was, therefore, on helping our subscribers Take Action.

The Year’s Highlights

Solari went to work on several efforts. First, we hired a team of software developers to rebuild a new and improved Silver & Gold Payment Calculator. The original had been lost when Solari’s website went down in 2017. 

Next, we started to load and test a social media platform at After the testing period, we launched Solari Connect to all subscribers in the 3rd Quarter. 

For the 1st Quarter 2021 Wrap Up: Take Action 2021, we asked Carolyn Betts, Pete Heckman, and Corey Lynn to write a series of great articles on how to organize Solari Circles, how to take effective action locally, and how to protect yourself from invasive technology. 

As part of our efforts to communicate the issues and risks surrounding Covid-19, we had mailed—in December 2020—the printed version of our 2nd Quarter 2020 Wrap Up titled The Injection Fraud. The entire shipment mysteriously disappeared, only reappearing more than three months later—after we had reprinted and sent out a second mailing. If you received two copies, now you know why.

The Injection Fraud Wrap Up followed the “Injection Fraud” article I had published in May 2020, which described my experiences as an investment advisor learning about the destruction of family wealth caused by vaccine injury and death.

With those lessons about the potential for family-wide impacts in mind, we also began an intense push to design and distribute Covid-19 Forms to help protect our subscribers, allies, and audience from the risks posed by the Covid-19 gene therapy experiments, starting with the Family Financial Disclosure Form. The form is intended as a tool to help family members educate each other regarding the significant risks of the Covid-19 injections. We hoped that if the due diligence facilitated by the form could not dissuade loved ones from taking the injection, the form would at least ensure that they would put adequate arrangements in place so that their death or disability would not turn into cascading harm and bankruptcy of the entire family.

1st Quarter Highlights

One of the highlights of the 1st Quarter 2021 was the launch in January of the 2020 Annual Wrap Up and the “Going Direct Reset” theme by John Titus. Our aim was to help Solari subscribers and our New Media allies to understand that what was happening in the global economy was a central-bank-led takedown. The global health restrictions were part of the financial coup that had been underway for many years, now evolving into a full-blown global coup. 

January also included an excellent overview of the prior year’s events and a look at what was coming with Dr. Joseph Farrell. I cannot express how much I look forward to my quarterly discussions with Joseph—and with a change of federal administration in the United States, there was certainly much to discuss. 

I then published my quarterly Equity Overview, with a great market overview from Rambus and extensive discussion about the need to retool our “financial planning” into “war planning.” This shift in emphasis and strategy flows from the question clearly before us: How do we stop central tyranny and its various efforts to control and poison us? 

As the Family Financial Disclosure Form and three other Covid-19 forms—for employees, students, and parents—were finalized, numerous groups helped us spread them virally. Polly Tommey at Children’s Health Defense (CHD) helped us get the word out in March through CHD.TV, as did others at CHD and the Doctors for Covid Ethics. The forms caught on as people started downloading, sharing, translating, revising, and republishing them for hundreds of specific jurisdictions—and continued to do so all year long. 

The 1st Quarter ended with hundreds of ice skaters taking to the ice in Stavoren, Netherlands as a March cold front froze the water in the canals and port. Exorcising the grief of the lockdown restrictions and celebrating the return of skating conditions on the North Sea, these skaters created an unforgettable tableau. A feeling of newness pervaded those few precious days—a new year, with new friends appearing daily, and a new impulse for freedom. 

My introduction to the Dutch love of skating had begun as a child when I read Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates by Mary Mapes Dodge, the story of Hans and Gretel Brinker—poor, industrious siblings who hope to compete in a speed skating race that has a prize of silver skates. This is also the source of the story about the little unnamed Dutch boy who saves his village by spending the night with his finger in the dike after it has sprung a leak.

When I looked out of my window in March and saw that the canals and the port were filled with people skating, racing, and twirling across the ice, it looked just like the pictures in my childhood copy of Hans Brinker. And so I commented to a friend that all of Stavoren looked like a scene from the book—indeed, now Holland was looking like the pictures I had been given in childhood. 

To my shock and amazement, none of my acquaintances in the Netherlands had ever heard about Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates (although everyone knew of the little Dutch boy and the dike, likely thanks to American ad agencies). Then, I learned that the author of Hans Brinker was an American who had not visited the Netherlands until after she wrote her book. So, I decided to take a break from current events and dive back into this childhood favorite by rereading and reviewing Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates.

It was a welcome relief from Covid-19 and the injection fraud, and a reminder to stay humble about what I think I know.

2nd Quarter Highlights

Spring in the 2nd Quarter 2021 brought sunshine and new life. I stayed in the Netherlands for the first six weeks of the quarter as we rolled out our Take Action 2021 Wrap Up, and focused on publishing the various tools under development. Coinciding with Carolyn Betts’ article, “Solari Circles: Take Action Together,” we invited an initial round of subscribers to help us test our Solari Circles software at

When we launched the restored and updated Silver & Gold Payment Calculator, subscribers in Denmark and Sweden gave us the feedback that they wanted it to work with kronor. As a result, we updated our currency feed to include 150 global currencies with geotargeting to move to the currency dominant at the user’s location. We also went to work on an iPhone app for the Calculator, which went live in the 3rd Quarter.

 The 2nd Quarter brought a nice surprise when David O’Hagan published a series of articles supporting my contention that one aim of the mRNA technology used for some of the Covid gene experimentation was to install an operating system in the human body. O’Hagan published some choice quotes from Moderna, with links to the company website:

Our Operating System: Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the ‘program’ or ‘app’ is our mRNA drug—the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.”

David joined me on the Solari Report in April and then returned later in the year for an interview with our Future Science Series host, Ulrike Granögger. If you have not explored David’s work, I strongly recommend it.

One of the people who introduced me to David’s work was Sofia Smallstorm. Sofia continues to allow us to republish her newsletters on a delayed basis for Solari Report subscribers. This original newsletter is one of my favorites—be sure to check it out.

After publishing numerous interviews on the risks of the experimental Covid-19 injections, we published an interview with Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, who described an important study he co-authored with Dr. Paul Thomas, using ten years’ of data from Dr. Thomas’s practice. The data clearly showed that children who were not vaccinated had the best health outcomes, while partially vaccinated children were somewhat worse; outcomes were worst of all for heavily vaccinated children following the full pediatric vaccination schedule. Another standout result of the study was the evidence that vaccination makes a perverse difference to practice economics—the sicker the children get (corresponding to their level of vaccination), the more money a doctor makes. This integration of health and economic statistics had a breakthrough impact on numerous subscribers who were trying to communicate vaccine risk issues to family, friends, and colleagues. These findings were so threatening to the party line on vaccination that the journal was pressured to retract the study.

Pleased with the results subscribers were sharing about their use of the Family Financial Disclosure Form, we asked Corey Lynn—with helpful input from Solari general counsel Carolyn Betts—to help us produce two additional forms to push back against the growing pressure and mandates from employers and colleges/universities to take Covid injections without full disclosure and informed consent. Jerry Day of FreedomTaker also developed a “Notice and Declaration” form for parents pertaining to the issue of informed consent. We knew that millions of people were dealing with a highly complicated situation involving health, finances, insurance, and federal and state law and regulations, yet as a practical matter, very few people can afford or find attorneys to advise or represent them. 

Once again, the forms met with a significant reception, and we received steady feedback that they were making a difference. The forms helped people do their due diligence and do a better and more effective job of representing themselves and their children. Over time, scores of other groups adapted the forms to their own jurisdictions, realizing the power of the technique. As employees and their families and parents and students grappled with the serious risk issues involved with the experimental Covid-19 injections, this section of our website quickly become the most visited in 2021. 

In June, Franklin Sanders joined me on the Solari Report to explain why he created the Silver & Gold Payment Calculator and how it can be used to kickstart community currencies.

In May and June, I drove to Switzerland to spend two weeks with Thomas Meyer and Orsolya Győrffy, both at their beautiful home in Arlesheim (near Basel) and also high up in the Alps. On each trip, I worked with Thomas on our Spiritual Science Academy, launched in the 3rd Quarter.

During my June visit, Orsolya gathered wonderful people from Children’s Health Defense and Doctors for Covid Ethics, along with human rights activists, for a summit meeting at her home. Many great efforts resulted from this gathering, including Mary Holland’s brilliant creation, #CashFriday, now a campaign at Solari and many other websites in the U.S. and Europe. The poster child for the campaign became Bank for International Settlements (BIS) General Manager Agustín Carstens, who can be seen in a short video clip (click on the Cash Friday link on our homepage) openly promoting the central control facilitated by central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

Closing & Credits
Closing & Credits

Returning from the Alps on a Friday evening, Orsolya and I stopped for dinner and recorded our first Cash Friday receipt:

Whatever you do, USE CASH ON FRIDAYS, and every day if you can!

Also during one of these Swiss visits, my partner in the Netherlands, Robert Dupper, drove down with his family to join us for a fascinating meeting with Switzerland’s Solari subscribers, with presentations by Thomas Meyer and Ulrike Granögger and dinner catered by Orsolya’s son and talented chef, Mihaly “Mishi” Karpati. A wonderful Swiss subscriber played Bach and Beethoven with her piano accompanist. What a remarkable group of people—we even had several who came from Germany and one from San Francisco! And with ages ranging from 4 to 80, all the generations were represented.

I drove back to the Netherlands at the end of the 2nd Quarter, astonished at the speed with which the quarter had gone by.

3rd Quarter Highlights

The 3rd Quarter 2021 began with our rollout of the 2nd Quarter 2021 Wrap Up, including the presentation by John Titus on the Wrap Up theme: CBDCs. We also began publishing Corey Lynn’s impressive four-part series detailing “The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports.”

When John finished researching and writing his piece on CBDCs, he remarked at how dark the real agenda is. It is true that the closer you look, the worse it gets. This is one of the reasons we decided to convert Corey’s vaccine passports series first to a PDF magazine and then to a hard-copy version that we mailed out with the CBDC Wrap Up (also available in the Solari store).

The ongoing success of our Cash Friday campaign fostered more connection in the 3rd Quarter; many subscribers reported great conversations with local businesses and bankers able to understand the power of taking steps to move away from the dangers of an all-digital financial transaction system.

We knew that it was important to “walk our talk.” In July, we launched our “Check, Cash + Coin” program, encouraging our subscribers to move from untrustworthy online payment systems and instead pay for Solari subscriptions by check, money order, EFT (electronic funds transfer), or even by dropping off cash at the Hickory Valley Grocery Store. For 2022, we continue to offer a three-month bonus to annual subscribers (and an extra month for six-month subscribers) who make the switch. Please consider doing so to protect your ability to receive the intelligence you pay for.

A big thank-you goes to the almost 1000 subscribers who have already switched. Toward the end of the year, PayPal informed us that they reserved the right to freeze funds if our January 2022 sales were more than approximately 50% of our January 2021 sales. Thanks to the high percentage of subscribers who, during this period, switched to “Check, Cash + Coin,” we were able to squeak through as we continued to work toward a full migration off of online payment platforms in 2022. You made a big difference helping us reduce the risk of censorship.

One of the great events of the 3rd Quarter was a two-day Doctors for Covid Ethics Gold Standard Symposium in July. Throughout 2021, I had the opportunity to work closely with this excellent group of doctors, scientists, and researchers primarily from Europe, North America, and Australia. The July Symposium included a section on the Going Direct Reset, which integrated the economic drivers into the overwhelming evidence showing that Covid laws and restrictions have no basis in science and medicine. Dr. Mark Skidmore, John Titus, Patrick Wood, and Richard Werner joined me for the economics section.

The Symposium was cosponsored by UK Column News in the United Kingdom, which did a terrific job. Publisher Brian Gerrish commented on a proposal by reporter Taylor Hudak—who leads communications for the Doctors for Covid Ethics—saying, “Let’s not call ourselves ‘alternative media.’ We are not alternative media, and they are not mainstream. We are the New Media. They are the Old Media.” It was a brilliant insight, affirmed by the corporate media’s crashing ratings.

Leaders of the New Media inspired some of the greatest freedom-fighting moments of the 3rd Quarter, as a powerful global syndicate of loosely cooperating publishers and journals emerged to lead us away from the Old Media and into an effective manner of dealing with the complex evil of tyranny while envisioning another way forward.

Robert Dupper and I attended two excellent conferences in the Netherlands during this period—one sponsored by members of the New Media and the second well attended by them. The Solari Report published an interview on the New Media with Elze van Hamelen as well as a Special Solari Report with Whitney Webb of Unlimited Hangout.

Elze and Whitney are two of the many journalists and websites in the New Media list in our quarterly and annual Wrap Ups; check out our list of favorites in the Take Action section of News Trends & Stories. These are journalists and websites we support with complimentary subscriptions and donations, promotions, links, and interviews—I did 66 interviews and events for other publications and websites in 2021. This is part of building the networks and ensuring that resources flow to the New Media in support of freedom. Remember, “no one is as smart as all of us.”

In the 3rd Quarter, I also published a special report with Leslie Manookian, founder of the Health Freedom Defense Fund, one of the U.S. litigation efforts organizing serious pushback against Covid mandates and restrictions. While Leslie would not necessarily consider herself a member of the media (she is the producer of the award-winning documentary The Greater Good), she and those at Children’s Health Defense have done the important job of using litigation to achieve critical disclosure—an essential part of the New Media’s efforts to bring transparency that supports each of us to take action.

In July, we published an update with Dr. Mark Skidmore on what we know about the Missing Money, including unusual patterns in the federal Thrift Savings Plan. This was a reminder that the Missing Money story is not going away as long as the global coup is ongoing.

Longtime Solari Report subscribers often hear me promote the idea of investing in people. During July, I found one of the best examples yet when reading Casey Cep’s Furious Hours, a book about Harper Lee, the famous author of To Kill a Mockingbird. From my review:

For Christmas 1956, Harper Lee received a special present—a check from a friend to fund her first novel. With enough money to pay rent and necessities, Lee quit her job as a travel agent and wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. Published in 1960, To Kill a Mockingbird has sold an estimated 40 million copies, been made into an award-winning movie, and made Lee an exceptionally wealthy woman…. It was the most shocking Christmas gift of Lee’s life and, as it would turn out, one of the most momentous in the history of American literature.”

It is inspiring when people invest in other people whose art and creations flow like a river through our lives and times. I see the wealth it creates everywhere.

In August 2021, we gathered online to say goodbye to dear friend and ally Jason Bawden [Smith] who died in July from cancer. There was no possibility of saying goodbye in person due to Australia’s restrictions. Jason’s passing forced some of us to pause and reflect during what was otherwise such a busy time. I had never imagined that Jason and I would not be conspiring together in this world for many more years to come. In spite of the grieving, I know we will continue to conspire in the spirit.

August also brought sailing on the IJsselmeer, the huge inland bay diked off from the North Sea, in the double-masted clipper ship “dy Abt fan Starum.” Playwright and author CJ Hopkins, who publishes The Consent Factory, came from Berlin with Robert Cibis and his crew from OVALmedia to film a documentary patterned after the film My Dinner with Andre, except that it was to be three discussions with CJ on the state of our civilization—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—with breakfast being on the clipper ship. So, we loaded the film crew, video and audio equipment, drones, and friends of the family onto the ship, and off we went on a perfect summer’s day. CJ anticipates that the documentary will be published in the summer of 2022.

Also joining us was Carolyn Betts, who had flown to the Netherlands to work with me on our theme for the 3rd Quarter 2021 Wrap Up: “Taxation: With or Without Representation?” Because our taxes weave throughout our lives and economy, finding a way to address the criminality in the system is no easy task. Meeting over many days made it possible for the two of us to work out how to lay out this critical topic in a way that would make it accessible to our intended audience of attorneys, bankers, motivated government officials, and taxpayers.

One of the people who joined us for the four-day shoot with CJ and OVALmedia was photographer Hans de Vries. His wonderful portraits now grace our website and Wrap Ups. Starting in this 2021 Annual Wrap Up, we are including a “People” section highlighting some of our top picks from the portraits shot by Hans during 2021.

Nina Heyn, culture scout and author of Solari’s Food for the Soul column, came to visit us in Stavoren in September. Not content to let the 3rd Quarter end without one more beautiful day of sailing, we piled back onto the “dy Abt fan Starum” for a day with Nina and numerous friends and allies from Friesland and enjoyed listening to Nina’s reports on visiting Florence and some of the great museums of Europe. Nina’s celebration of beauty forever reminds me of one of my favorite sayings: “Beauty is necessary for survival.”

Toward the end of the 3rd Quarter, we revised and updated the Covid-19 forms, republishing them in a more professional format. We were delighted to see groups around the world continue to use and repurpose them. A new round of updates is underway as I write this in May 2022. Stay tuned.

During the 3rd Quarter, we launched two new series. The first was Spiritual Science Academy with Thomas H. Meyer—a series that is open to the public as well as Solari subscribers. Thomas is writing and presenting the series to provide an overview of Rudolf Steiner’s work. We started with an interview we did together, “How Do I Find the Christ?” We also gathered and made public the links to all our prior interviews with Thomas, now assembled in the Meyer Solari Library on the Spiritual Science Academy website.

The second new series is called Metanoia, created and hosted by longtime ally and radio publisher and host Junious Ricardo Stanton. “Metanoia” is from the Ancient Greek word meaning “changing one’s mind” or “going beyond limited thinking or stultifying group thinking.” Junious is leading a conversation meant to encourage your personal growth and power—something his leadership skills uniquely qualify him to do.

Throughout the 3rd Quarter, we continued to encourage subscribers to join our Connect platform to form Solari Circles—subscribers who connect locally to access and circulate actionable intelligence. Solari Circles are an invitation to take a deep breath, create a safe place to rejuvenate, and evolve our knowledge base together, as we prepare ourselves with faith, strength, and resilience to build a human civilization. This begins by forming friendships, “so we can talk to each other and feel a common fellowship.”

4th Quarter Highlights

The 4th Quarter 2021 began with publication of our 3rd Quarter 2021 Wrap Up: Taxation: With or Without Representation.

The Doctors for Covid Ethics also produced and supported many great publications and discussions throughout the quarter. Dr. Skidmore attended to present his co-authored papers, “A Cross-Country Analysis of the Determinants of Covid-19 Fatalities” and “Does Access to HCQ Help to Save Lives from COVID-19? A Cross-Country Analysis” presenting statistical evidence that use of hydroxychloroquine reduced deaths. Dr. Skidmore also began work on a Covid-19 survey, which included a pilot version given to members of the Solari Report Update list. A very big thank-you is due to the many members who took time to respond; it was most gratifying and informative. Dr. Skidmore published the results of his full survey in 2022—with findings that simply rocked our world and the world of anyone who read them.

Doctors for Covid Ethics led their second Gold Standard Symposium in December—including presenting world-class work by German pathologist Dr. Arne Burkhardt. This pathology report underscored the likely reasons why such a great effort was made globally to prevent autopsies of people who died following Covid-19 injections.

Throughout 2021, the Solari Report and the Solari Food Series led by attorney Pete Kennedy made a special effort to publish interviews and intelligence on what was happening in food systems—including the conspicuous push for central control as well as the encouraging pushback and efforts to promote local food systems. The Food Series offered a number of great interviews with leaders fighting in the trenches for our food system and helping to connect us to local fresh food resources: Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massey, Tennessee Senator Frank Niceley, the attorneys from the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, Sally Fallon Morell from the Weston A. Price Foundation, and others. Pete also arranged for us to support and participate in the Rogue Food conferences organized by ally John Moody.

I lucked out here in the Netherlands. Just as the Covid-19 restrictions were announced, Robert and I discovered Hofweb—a team of entrepreneurs sourcing from local farmers and delivering fresh food in crates to our doorstep.

One of my dreams is that as the Solari network grows, we eventually can help sponsor a library to preserve and cultivate actionable intelligence. To add inspiration in the 4th Quarter, musician and librarian Gabrielle Passick began publication of her Libraries: Gateway of Knowledge series for us.

More great things came in the 4th Quarter. After several months of practicing the Wim Hof Method, I published a book review of Wim Hof’s latest book by that title, and then joined Ulrike at Wim Hof’s center in the Netherlands for a wonderful interview. Our cover for the 2021 Annual Wrap Up is from our time at Wim Hof’s home. We also named Wim Hof the Solari Hero of the Year for his contributions to keeping people healthy in the face of the challenges upon us.

In a step that felt “at long last,” I also published an interview with Jan Ott on his new translation of the Codex Oera Linda, an ancient manuscript written in Old Frisian and discovered in the 1860s. It is an excellent example of the importance of culture and what it takes to create a powerful and enduring human culture.

I continued to read numerous books and articles on the history and design of currency—as well as tracking recent developments on “the state of our currencies”—as part of my preparation for a presentation I gave in January 2022 on the characteristics of a sound currency. In another great development, CHD’s Polly Tommey was inspired to suggest a new weekly show on CHD.TV—Financial Rebellion with myself, Carolyn Betts, and Polly—which we launched late in the year.

At year’s end, I published my thoughts for 2022 in a piece titled “Reflections on Our Future—December, 2021.” It included a description of our goals for the coming year:

Looking ahead, we have a challenging new year before us. The war for central control is entering a new round of intense battles—over vaccine mandates and passports and, ultimately, over control of our travel, labor, use of resources and assets, social credit systems, and even bank bail-ins and asset stripping.

What should we do?

First, we need to reach out to everyone who has been harmed financially or physically by the Covid lies—whether from the withholding of effective therapies, fraudulent testing, experimental injections, or disaster capitalism and economic warfare—and help them if we can. Those who have been harmed by these lies are potentially powerful allies for the many battles ahead. Let’s raise an army by extending a hand when and where we can to those who are looking for a productive way forward.

Second, we need to stop the “vaccine passports” and injection mandates. One way to do that is to “just say no.” Each one of us can say NO—and then work it out from there. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. says, “Resist, resist, resist,” and CJ Hopkins says, “Add friction in every possible way you can.” Remember, whatever may happen when you refuse to comply with tyranny now is nowhere near as bad as what will happen if a global passport system is put in place and the social credit system already operating covertly becomes overt—and that can happen overnight if we do nothing to stop those control systems from taking hold. Resist now. Say “no” now.

Third, we need to continue to build personal resiliency and—as we connect with like-minded people—nurture our communities and a human culture.”

At Christmas time, I traveled back to join Thomas Meyer and Orsolya Győrffy in front of their large and beautifully decorated Christmas tree on December 24th and then to return once again to the Jungfrau in the Swiss Alps to welcome in the New Year with them in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

As the clock struck midnight on December 31st, we asked Orsolya’s and Thomas’s son what would be the symbol of the new year. His answer: “The Rose.”

Here is the picture of one of our roses from the balcony on New Year’s Day:

Looking out over the mountains, I thought of the verse from Isaiah: “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness….”

Thank Yous

The Solari team and I have many people to thank for making the Solari Report great in 2021.

Vanessa Biard-Schaeffer

In 2021, Vanessa continued her Solari series, Via Europa, covering European politics and culture and connecting trends in Europe and the United States. Vanessa’s insights into European politics and what is happening in France are a source of great intelligence—and constant amazement!

Robert Dupper

Robert is the managing partner of Solari Europa and Solari’s videographer, graphics guru, creative inspiration, and anchor in the Netherlands. Robert and his family and their various friends and colleagues in the sailing, restaurant, and hotel business are the reason everyone who visits Stavoren has such an amazing experience. 

Brad Eddins

Brad is Solari’s News Trends & Stories Wrap Up editor and does a yeoman’s job preparing that section of the Wrap Ups. Brad also manages the Take Action section at

Bronwen Evans

Bronwen provides us with a much-needed eye on Southeast Asia that reflects extensive experience in global journalism, business and finance, and building local ecosystems.

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph joins us for our quarterly News Trends & Stories analysis. There is simply nothing else like it. It was Joseph who persuaded me to expand our coverage of culture. It has made a life-giving difference. We also gather essential insights weekly from Joseph’s work at Giza Death Star. 

Ulrike Granögger

Ulrike continues to shift our paradigms with the latest revelations in spiritual practice and science in her incredible workshops and the Solari Future Science Series, including “Medical Nanobots” (Part I and Part II) and her interview with Dr. Beverly Rubik on the possible connections between 5G and Covid-19. She also joined me for a Special Solari Report, “Control and Freedom Happen One Person at a Time,” to help our subscribers understand and see the invisible control grid invading our lives.

Orsolya Győrffy

With husband Thomas Meyer, Orsolya is the publisher of The Present Age in Basel, Switzerland and plays a leadership role in numerous groups working for human rights and freedom, including CHD-Europe.

Matt Hale

Attorney Matt Hale has been helping me with questions in Ask Catherine as the technocratic thicket of laws and regulations grows. Matt also provides us with commentaries and Special Solari Reports on risks facing the U.S. legal system.

Nina Heyn

Nina continues to delight us with her Food for the Soul columns as she sleuths out great art, great museums, and great movies. Nina joined us in Stavoren for a visit and a sail in 2021 and then went back on the road, with museum reports from New York, Poland, and Italy, and more on Women Artists.

Pete Kennedy

As the host of the Solari Food Series, attorney Pete Kennedy has been helping us understand and support the farmers, legislators, and litigators who are protecting our right to grow and market fresh local food. Pete got Solari to the Rogue Food conferences this year and launched a series on “The War on Meat.”

Corey Lynn

As founder of Corey’s Digs, Corey Lynn is known for timely in-depth research. Corey took the lead on helping to draft the first employer and school disclosure forms for Covid-19 injections, produced great instructions on how to address your school board, and started her series on vaccine passports, culminating with “22 Ways to Stop Vaccine Passports.” We published the entire series in book form with the CBDC Wrap Up

Thomas Meyer

Thomas grasped my interest in Rudolf Steiner and my passion for the Story of Gideon and Chartres and has been educating and inspiring me about them ever since. We have now launched his Spiritual Science Academy at

Brigitte Mouchet

After several years of leading the Solari Wellness Series, Brigitte Mouchet began a period of international travel, including by sailboat, putting her out of regular range for Internet communication. While we believe this will be great for Brigitte’s wellness, it has resulted in our ending the series for now. We want to thank Brigitte for her support and a great series.


Rambus provides truly the best technical analysis anywhere for our quarterly Equity Overviews.

Jon Rappoport

Jon Rappoport’s decades of research and writing on health care and the use of the medical cartel to engineer central control have made it possible for us to “jump the curve” on pandemic propaganda. No one does a better job of helping us maintain our state of amusement. 

Dr. Mark Skidmore

Mark launched his new website, Lighthouse Economics, this year, and we have linked to it frequently ever since. Among other accomplishments in 2021, he completed a report on the loss of life resulting from the suppression of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), and began a survey to capture the damage done by Covid-19 and the Covid-19 injections. I am proud to say the Solari Update subscribers helped pilot the survey in December. Mark also continues his efforts to research the missing money and joined me on the Solari Report for an update on the money that continues to go missing from the U.S. government—it is some of the most original, fearless scholarship on the planet.

Sofia Smallstorm

Sofia publishes one of my favorite newsletters and has graciously allowed us to publish them for our subscribers on a delayed basis. This is a very special and unique offering.

Junious Ricardo Stanton

A longtime friend and ally, Junious agreed to host and launched the Metanoia Series this quarter on the Solari Report. The series focuses on personal transformation. As a man who walks his talk, I cannot think of a better person than Junious to support us in this intimate, important effort.

John Titus

John is my co-host on our weekly Money & Markets reports. His analyses of the Going Direct Reset and CBDCs were major contributions in 2021, as was his Sovereignty piece for this 2021 Annual Wrap Up.

Polly Tommey

Polly is the gifted producer of the two Vaxxed documentaries and the leader of CHD.TV. After helping us educate millions about the Covid-19 Forms, she invited us to start a show with her on CHD.TV, Financial Rebellion, which Carolyn Betts and I do with Polly every Thursday.

Hans de Vries

Famous in the world of fashion, Hans has escaped Amsterdam to live in Stavoren, joining the Solari team as our official photographer. You will be seeing more of his portraits at, including our cover portrait of Wim Hof for this 2021 Annual Wrap Up. You can see Hans’ work at

You Know Who You Are

There are a number of other people we would like to mention who prefer to remain private. We are deeply grateful to them for their love, support, and many contributions. Since we cannot imagine life without them, I had to say something!

Most of all, the thanks of the entire Solari team go to our subscribers. You are a remarkable network of people—and the best source of actionable intelligence we know. Each day, you inspire us with the confidence that our vision for a human future is unfolding before us. You put the gas in our tank and provide the ideas, corrections, suggestions, questions, and inspiration that make the Solari Report go. 

Special thanks, too, to the Solari team, who handled growth in our subscriber base and the increased need for customer service with strength and purpose, adapting to “rock ‘n’ roll” changes all year long as we stretched to help people harmed by disinformation and struggling to manage unfair health and financial stress and the growing tyranny. The teamwork that helped team members protect and support families and loved ones in the midst of it all was truly unique.

On behalf of the entire Solari team, I wish you the joys of possibility and accomplishment as we move forward, making the very most of the times and imagining our way to a fully human civilization.

Stavoren, Netherlands
May 8, 2022